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Reblocking Western Surburbs, Melbourne

Looking for house reblocking in Western Surburbs, Melbourne? Look no Further, Tactics Reblocking are experienced house reblocking Western Surburbs, Melbourne. We provides foundation Crack Repairs, Restumping, Reblocking, Foundation Laying and Foundation Excavation services in Western Surburbs, Melbourne.

Have alarm bells sprung in your mind seeing the condition of your Western Surburbs, Melbourne house? Do the sloping floors and creaking doors reveal the condition and state of your house? Is there more to it, than what meets the eye, when you notice cracked brickwork and cracked plasterwork in your Western Surburbs, Melbourne house?

Are you asking around and having learned that building restumping, reblocking and underpinning services will help fortify your house, you are in the quest of the best house reblocking and underpinning contractors in Western Surburbs, Melbourne and that here that would be, Tactics Reblocking and Underpinning.

So what exactly is the term house reblocking or restumping?

Restumping Western Surburbs, Melbourne

It is said that any house or building construction that happened before the 1960s in and around the Western Surburbs, Melbourne the houses were at that time built on top of wooden blocks.

The thought behind reblocking is that the wooden blocks would add and augment the support to the house. But since the blocks were made of timber, gradual wear and tear, and termite infestation, the timber’s life expectancy reduced and a new house restumping which included raising and lifting of the house before it is carried out was required. And so as to not dismantle or tear down or renovate the house, restumping or reblocking for the house is resorted to. And as part of this, old wooden blocks were replaced with new blocks.

What is Underpinning?

On the other hand, underpinning, or concrete underpinning services is for the very foundation of the house. It is common knowledge that any house is built on a foundation. With time or gradual aging of the building, the foundation needs to be fortified and reinforced. And this is called underpinning.

If in the Western Surburbs, Melbourne area, if you need anytime house restumping, or reblocking or even concrete underpinning services that are part of the construction industry, then you should contact the experts at Tactics Reblocking and Underpinning at 0455 888 899 or you may write into

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